Keck Stage Eröffnungs-Konzert – Retromorcego
Musik, Veranstaltung

Keck Stage Eröffnungs-Konzert – Retromorcego

Keck Stage Eröffnungs-Konzert am Mittwoch 1. Mai 2024 ab 19h


Swiss-Brazilian two-man tropical dead Grunge Band from hell

Koostella: Guitar, Vocals
Noé Sébastien: Drums, Backing Vocals

Since their birth in 2020, Retromorcego is spreading death and destruction with their unique theatrical live show, their unmistakable visual appearance and their binational two-man format. Their music can be located somewhere between grunge, heavy doom rock, classic heavy metal and Brazilian psychedelic rock from the 1970s. In addition, some songs are peppered with elements from traditional Brazilian music, for example through the use of “Berimbau”, known for the combat dance Capoeira. In order to represent as many musical genres and influences as possible, the band has agreed on the style name “Tropical Dead Grunge”. In their mostly humorous and sometimes serious lyrics and their visual appearance, the band subversively addresses serious topics such as existentialism, anti-fascism, religion and other political and social subjects, but also fun topics such as Satanism, masturbation, nicotine and alcohol. With songs like “Satano-Comunistas do Além” (“Satano-Communists from Beyond”) or “Príncipe das Trevas” (“Prince of Darkness”), Retromorcego deliberately provokes the Extreme right, strengthened by Jair Bolsonaro’s politics, which manifests itself through a very Christian-moralistic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic worldview. In general, Retromorcego’s lyrics mostly refer to politics and events around the world, especially in Brazil.