Keck Stage: Furlong (Basel)
Musik, Veranstaltung

Keck Stage: Furlong (Basel)

Konzert im Keck Kiosk am Dienstag 31. Juli 2018, ab 19 Uhr

Furlong (Basel)

Basel City Rockers

Spreading the gospel of Rawk, Punk, Rhythm & Blues.
Screams, sweat and thumping sounds.

Furlong got together at the beginning of 2016 to play music that draws on the roots of heavy rock without succumbing to the genre’s many drawbacks, i.e. over-long guitar solos, mindless lyrics and rhythms you can’t dance to no matter how loud you crank up the music. Furlong seek to be thoughtful, historically savvy and also fun. There isn’t a band from Basel you couldn’t have a better night out with. And that’s just through listening to the music. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a bit of the banter that is also part of furlong live. “We don’t just play to an audience,” Viviane says. “We play with an audience much the way a cat plays with a mouse. Join us at your own peril.”


Photo: Otto Böhne.