Keck Stage Konzert – DAZ
Musik, Veranstaltung

Keck Stage Konzert – DAZ

Keck Stage Konzert am Mittwoch 20. Juli 2022 ab 19h


PIO & SAMI is a new band with Diego Aguirre DAZ on guitar and voice, Pio Schürmann on the piano and Samuel Dühsler on drums. They play arrangements of DAZ from two great and different musicians. One is Victor Jara, singer from Chile. He was very engaged in the popular movement and was killed in 1973 by the military regime. The second one is Django Reindhart, gypsy guitar player, creator of a new way to play the guitar. This Trio tries to captivate the essence of these great musicians and create a dialog between all involved artists.


Diego Aguirre – Guitar, Voice                                                                  
Samuel Dühsler – Drums                                                                                
Pio Schürmann – Piano, Wurtlitzer