Keck Stage Konzert – Retromorcego – Tropical Grunge
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Keck Stage Konzert – Retromorcego – Tropical Grunge

Keck Stage Konzert am Mittwoch 7. Oktober 2020 ab 19h

People say someone in a tropical land ate a living bat (morcego) and it was then that a curse awoke. Dark clouds covered the planet and all dreams became nightmares. All true became lie and all lie became true. Thousands of people died and the living ones covered their faces.
Koostella was just one of the million isolated people in the whole world affraid to be infected by the new plague. At night he scapes his lockdown to play guitar and scream on a michophone in a bunker in Gundeli, Basel. One day he found some strange blood marks in his neck. He felt dizzy and went meet two friends. Koostella took his mask off and coughed in their faces. They were immediately infected too. Oli Garcia on bass and Noé Herrmann on drums.

Now they have Retromorcego.